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Fill out the form to learn more about bringing Creative Learning to your school or district.

This is the year to partner with us to give teachers the tools they need  to unleash student creativity!

Teachers are loving the results!

“I found it very easy to take the ideas from these workshops and use them right away in my classroom."


“Creative learning levels the playing field.  I can think of a few students who struggle academically, but given this type of project they really shine...integrating creative learning curriculum (microworlds)  helped me realize that these kids are incredibly bright, they just think in a different way.”

“Despite the chaos of this year, the microworlds provided an engaging respite and a way for students to express themselves socially, emotionally, and creatively!”


“Creative learning helps all students shine!”


“My students were so engaged!  They get so excited by the microworlds.  This is their favorite type of learning! These activities naturally promote problem-solving, collaboration, and really promote deeper learning. ”

"The microworlds curriculum allows all students to shine. Students who struggle academically are able to show new strengths through this type of hands-on learning..."

"These learning experiences with students are a reminder to see [students] through different lenses, otherwise I would never have seen these strengths.” 

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