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Beyond Project-Based Learning:

Understanding and Applying Creative Learning in the Classroom

Accredited through Bridgewater State University for three (3) graduate credits

Join Rachel Garber, M.Ed, of the Creative Learning Company in a semester-long exploration of the fundamentals of creative learning. This dynamic course for Pre-K-Grade 5 educators will provide you with the foundational knowledge, methodologies, and curriculum to foster deeper learning in your classroom.

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This is not your average graduate course! 


Get ready to imagine, design, and innovate in this highly collaborative, interactive course. 


Limited to 15 students, this course will create a supportive community of teachers who share a goal of transforming teaching and learning in their classrooms.



Virtual Classroom via Zoom 


Course Duration: January 26-May 25, 2023

Meeting Time: Thursdays (meeting bimonthly) 2:30-3:45 pm

Tuition: $585.00 for course and supplies (4 interest-free payments available through PayPal)


Graduate Credits: $300.00*

*This fee is payable to Bridgewater State University by 1/26/2023. Instructions given upon registration.

Registration: Limited to 15 students. Registration must be received by January 20th, 2023. 

Questions? Email Rachel at


Creative learning is an evidence-based educational framework developed over five decades by researchers at MIT.


Fostering a sense of accomplishment by students creating tangible or virtual artifacts


Engaging students with curriculum topics that are personally relevant


Providing a genuine context for collaboration, sharing ideas, and empathy


Encouraging free exploration and experimentation of concepts and materials

Our signature approach uses creative learning microworlds – complete curriculum units carefully designed to encourage student exploration and playful engagement around a specific theme. Each of these microworlds builds on developmental level skills and strengthens essential capabilities such as imagination, creativity, and problem solving.


Not only are our microworld programs time-tested and research-backed, but they’re carefully designed to align with grade-level standards. 


Over the four months of the course, you’ll learn valuable, actionable content – along with detailed curriculum plans – to immediately apply these concepts in the classroom.


Teachers of students Pre-K-5 who are seeking innovative, hands-on approaches to classroom learning and excited to collaborate with like-minded colleagues.

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The best way for teachers to apply creative learning strategies is to first experience creative learning themselves! Our course meetings include discussions, immersive activities, and assignments to support classroom implementation. 


We’ll set a strong foundation with the fundamentals of the creative learning methodology, and review case studies to explore its many benefits for students and teachers alike. You’ll receive grade-level appropriate microworld units to apply in your classroom throughout the duration of the course. 


Creative learning is an approach that grows stronger with time and regular application. Together we will observe how microworlds come to life in your classroom, assess the impact on student learning, and reflect on your experience as a creative learning facilitator.

Class begins Thursday, January 12th!

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Here's What Teachers are saying...

“Put on your creative hat and jump right in! I would recommend the class for anyone who wants to create engaging hands-on activities for their students.”



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