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creative learning services

Creative Learning Services

Educational strategies and programs tailored to the unique needs of your organization 


Everyone benefits from access to relevant and joyful educational experiences that help them understand who they are, achieve their potential, and contribute meaningfully to the world.


To accomplish this vision, we design unique curriculum, spaces, materials, and professional development experiences that empower educators and organizations to implement extraordinary creative learning experiences for children and youth.

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Providing personalized support for schools, businesses, and community organizations that want to integrate creative learning as a way to nurture curiosity, creativity, and critical perspective.

Professional Development

Facilitating customized workshops, professional development programs, and graduate courses that help teachers worldwide develop new skills and deepen their practice.

Product Design

Producing custom-designed tools, learning materials, and resources  to jumpstart the creative process. We have kits that accompany our microworld units, and are continuously designing new creativity kits that combine traditional and high-tech materials.

Curriculum Design

Designing innovative lesson plans, activity guides, and teaching experiences that connect creativity with grade-level standards, transforming ordinary classrooms into extraordinary learning spaces.


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Let's bring creative learning to your organization!


"Rachel and Leo’s workshop is a time machine for the imagination that transports students to a future they’ll take part in building... By the end of the 45 minutes, the students have created something far beyond their vibrant and quirky prototypes patched together from toilet paper rolls and LED lights. They have created a vision for the future in which they can make a meaningful difference."


Assistant Director of University Innovation
Laspau: Affiliated with Harvard University

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