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Designing for Deeper Learning:

Unlocking the Power of Creative Learning in the Classroom

Accredited through Bridgewater State University for three (3) graduate credits

educators in creative learning professional developmentworkshop


Building on our popular Beyond Project Based Learning Course, this course focuses on teachers as designers. Part creativity studio and part design lab, this course supports teachers as they continue to explore creative learning and the creative learning microworlds methodology, in a supportive environment of colleagues.



Virtual Classroom via Zoom 


Course Duration: November 8th, 2023-February 14th, 2024

Meeting Time: 2:30-3:45pm

(meets weekly on Wednesdays, excluding holidays)

Tuition: $585.00 for course and supplies (4 interest-free payments available through PayPal)


Graduate Credits: $300.00*

*This fee is payable to Bridgewater State University. Instructions given upon registration.

Registration: Limited to 10 students. Registration must be received by November 1st, 2023.


Questions? Email Rachel at


In Designing for Deeper Learning, teachers build on their prior experience with creative learning, implementing a creative learning microworld in their classroom during the duration of the course. The beauty of this graduate course is that teachers adapt (or design their own) microworld unit that is relevant to their students. Teachers report that microworld units, carefully selected and designed for their own students, naturally support the growth of the problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills so important for life in a rapidly changing world.  


Course meetings include design time, discussion, problem-solving, and reflection. Special topics  include: Integrating technology, creative learning and equity and belonging, social emotional learning, and community collaborations. 

This is a small group experience, where participants will have input on both the content and the pace of the course.

“I would recommend the course because it gives you the time to think, reflect, adjust and push yourself to the next level (whatever that may be for you individually). I like that it holds you accountable to thinking about the purpose of creative learning in the classroom, as well as the implementation and in this case, pushed me to continually come back to my own teaching goals.”


- 5th grade teacher


This graduate course is designed for PreK-Grade 5 teachers who have previous experience implementing creative learning microworlds in their classrooms, are seeking innovative, hands-on approaches to classroom learning, and excited to collaborate with like-minded colleagues.

teacher and students with a creative learning workshop project


group of students with creative educational materials

Class begins Wednesday, November 8th!


Building on previous experiences with creative learning microworlds, you will have the chance to think not only about your own learning goals, but also those of your students. During our first weeks together, you will have time to think about which microworld you want to implement (or design) to foster deeper learning in your classroom.


The core experience of this course is the implementation of a microworld in your classroom with the support of the instructor and fellow teachers. Course meetings provide opportunities for rich discussion, problem-solving, and collaboration.


Students in this graduate course wear many hats: Teacher, Designer, Researcher. As a Researcher, you will look closely at the learning taking place in your classrooms and document these experiences (through written reflections, photographs, video, and interview) to share with others in the class. 

“This course provides an amazing opportunity to reflect on your teaching practices, wearing the hats of a researcher, teacher, and designer. Creative learning levels the playing field for all types of learners and every student will feel successful and make growth in one way or another.”


- K-5 Science and Technology Integration Specialist

boy with wings art project

Here's What Teachers are saying...

"I would recommend it because it was different from any other class I have taken and I think that creative learning is the next “wave” and primary education. This course shifted my thinking about the importance of creative play and its connection to problem solving.”


-3rd Grade Teacher

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