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Transforming classrooms, one imagination at a time.

High-impact, hands-on learning experiences for teachers and students

Creative Learning Company workshop

Our world is rapidly changing, and there is so much opportunity to support young people in developing skills to thrive.


Now more than ever, students need relevant learning opportunities that support adaptability, creative thinking, and resilience.

That’s where the Creative Learning Company comes in!

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We’re on a mission to empower students and teachers alike with innovation and imagination. 

Our team brings decades of experience and evidence-based approaches developed by the MIT Media Lab. And our clients see results:


Energized, engaged classrooms with happy students *and* happy teachers.

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Creative Learning is an evidence-based educational framework developed over five decades by researchers at MIT.

This approach is based upon four pillars, known as the 4 P’s:


​Fostering a sense of accomplishment by students creating tangible or virtual artifacts


Engaging students with curriculum topics that are personally relevant


​Providing a genuine context for collaboration, sharing ideas, and empathy


Encouraging free exploration and experimentation of concepts and materials

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"What we have seen here [since applying what we’ve learned from you about creative learning], and this is just from last year to this year, is better long-term retention, better application by the kids, enjoyment and engagement in learning. And I suppose what more could you ask for with your elementary kids? To have them engaged, enjoying and learning at the same time especially when it lasts longer for those kids.”


Principal Stony Brook Elementary School


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