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Professional Development Workshops

Innovative workshops that engage and empower teachers

Customized to the unique needs of your team

At the Creative Learning Company, we understand that exceptional educators are the heartbeat of any successful school.

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Professional Development class

Now more than ever, teacher engagement and retention are front of mind for school districts across the country. High-energy, high-impact professional development programs are an excellent way to support those goals!


We specialize in the design and implementation of workshops, educational materials, and spaces for hands-on, interest-based, and invention-oriented learning.


We’re proud to deliver innovative workshops that inspire, energize, and empower teachers in the classroom - and see measurable results in student achievement.

When teachers apply creative learning strategies to their classrooms following a Creative Learning Company workshop, the results are nothing short of transformational.

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Here's What Teachers are saying...

"I love using creative learning microworlds because they provide accessible learning opportunities for all of my students. I see students express themselves and their ideas in creative ways that meet their needs as learners. Offering multiple projects/activities within [a microworld] allows all students a diverse experience and a place to shine and take risks."


- 2nd Grade teacher



The Creative Learning Company offers a core set of workshops for teachers of grades PreK through 5th. We customize each workshop to align with your needs and goals.

Using hands-on immersion in our creative learning microworlds, participants immerse themselves in creative learning activities and learn strategies to bring these one-of-a-kind experiences back to their classrooms.

Enchanted Forest Professional Development Workshop

Enchanted Forest

For Pre-K to grade 2 Teachers

Lead your students on an imaginary journey into an enchanted forest you create together – where mystical plants and magical creatures await discovery.


 Like all trips into the unknown, your students will have to work collaboratively and exercise problem solving skills. And you’ll have a powerful tool in your kit to encourage  your students’ creative thinking and support a range of learning styles.

Journey Into the Book

For Pre-K to grade 5 Teachers

Bring reading to life with this highly adaptable microworld that will have your students step into the pages of the childrens’ book of your choice. 


They’ll envision and create the setting, and take on the perspectives of characters. Topics you could explore are infinite - the natural world, history, language arts - and are underscored by the social emotional learning that will help them thrive in the classroom and the greater world.

Journey Into the Book Professional Development Workshop
Microworlds for Creative Learning Professional Development Workshop

Transforming Classrooms into Microworlds for Creative Learning

For Pre-K to grade 5 Teachers

Experience our foundational creative learning workshop as a learner and leave as a designer, equipped to bring creative learning activities back to your classroom. 


This learning  adventure is geared for 

pre-K-5 teachers who want to transform their classrooms through meaningful hands-on learning activities while connecting to grade-level standards!

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  • Where are workshops held?
    We come to you! Whether in a classroom or school cafeteria, we adapt to whatever space works best for your team. We serve clients in Greater New England but also offer virtual workshops for clients around the world.
  • How long is each workshop?
    Our workshops are typically a half day or full day - but we can readily accommodate other requests if your time and budget are limited.
  • Who attends workshops?
    Teachers and support staff for students from pre-K through Grade 5 - but all are welcome!
  • What's included?
    All supplies, sample curriculums, and teach toolkits. Oh, and lots of FUN!
  • Do these workshops qualify for credits?
    Yes - professional development credits (PDP) are available. Some courses may also be eligible for graduate course credits. Please inquire for more information.


Interested in bringing creative learning to your school or classroom? Learn more here!

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