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Professional Development Workshops

Creative learning workshops designed to energize educators and boost innovation in the classroom


At Creative Learning Company, we’re proud to deliver innovative workshops that engage and empower teachers!

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Our world is rapidly changing, and there is so much opportunity to support young people in developing skills to thrive.


Now more than ever, students need relevant learning opportunities that support adaptability, creative thinking, and resilience.


Our work is designed to do just that – by cultivating classroom experiences that develop these essential skills (and more!).


The Creative Learning Company workshops inspire teachers with the necessary methods and strategies to bring these concepts to life with their students.


Our curriculum and products are unique in their focus on student innovation, low-cost materials, and meaningful activities that cover a wide range of curriculum topics.

Creative learning brings energy and engagement to the classroom by introducing something that can’t be measured:


Ready to bring our workshops to your school?


Our high-energy workshops draw from creative learning, an educational approach developed over five decades by researchers at MIT. According to creative learning, kids learn best when they’re engaged in hands-on projects that connect with their interests. This dynamic learning is memorable and impactful - for both students and their teachers!

Our curriculum incorporates the four P’s of creative learning: 


Fostering a sense of accomplishment by students creating tangible or virtual artifacts


Engaging students with curriculum topics that are personally relevant


Providing a genuine context for collaboration, sharing ideas, and empathy


Encouraging free exploration and experimentation of concepts and materials

In Creative Learning Company’s professional development workshops, participants explore the methodology of creative learning microworlds. Not only will they have the opportunity to learn firsthand from CLC’s expert facilitators, but they are provided with detailed activities and resources to immediately put them to use in the classroom.


Microworlds are learning environments carefully designed to encourage student exploration and playful engagement around a specific theme, such as:


  • Underwater Worlds

  • Reaching for the Stars

  • School Redesign

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The Creative Learning Company helps teachers bring microworlds from abstract concepts to memorable experiences in the classroom. By changing existing classrooms into an Enchanted Forest or Architect’s Studio – even for just a few hours a week – students are encouraged to think differently and explore new ideas in engaging and enriching ways.


Not only are our microworld programs time-tested and research-backed, but they’re carefully designed to align with grade-level  standards. 

Did we mention our workshops are SUPER FUN?
Check out some feedback from past participants:

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Here's What Teachers are saying...

“As we work to prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist and for a society and technology that is ever-changing, professional development provided by the Creative Learning Company fits the needs of educators and our students.”




Calling all teachers grades pre-K through 5 – we invite YOU to become a learner! 

Through hands-on immersion in our creative learning microworlds, you can immerse yourself in creative learning activities and learn strategies to bring these one-of-a-kind experiences back to your classroom.


Highly dynamic and packed with valuable, actionable content, these workshops equip you with the fundamentals of creative learning and tangible resources to immediately apply these new ideas in the classroom. 

Enchanted Forest
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Enchanted Forest

For Pre-K to grade 2 Teachers

Lead your students on an imaginary journey into an enchanted forest you create together – where mystical plants and magical creatures await discovery.


 Like all trips into the unknown, your students will have to work collaboratively and exercise problem solving skills. And you’ll have a powerful tool in your kit to encourage  your students’ creative thinking and support a range of learning styles.

Journey Into the Book

For Pre-K to grade 5 Teachers

Bring reading to life with this highly adaptable microworld that will have your students step into the pages of the childrens’ book of your choice. 


They’ll envision and create the setting, and take on the perspectives of characters. Topics you could explore are infinite - the natural world, history, language arts - and are underscored by the social emotional learning that will help them thrive in the classroom and the greater world.

Journey into the Book
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Transforming Classrooms into Microworlds for Creative Learning

For Pre-K to grade 5 Teachers

Experience our foundational creative learning workshop as a learner and leave as a designer, equipped to bring creative learning activities back to your classroom. 


This learning  adventure is geared for 

pre-K-5 teachers who want to transform their classrooms through meaningful hands-on learning activities while connecting to grade-level standards!

Microworlds for Creative Learni


  • All workshops are facilitated either on-site or virtually

  • All supplies provided including sample curriculum and teacher toolkits

  • Flexible duration and format tailored to your organization’s needs

  • Professional Development (PDP) credit available 

  • *inquire about graduate course credit*

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